Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sorry it's been over a week!

Okay, it's been over a week since my last post!  Believe me it's been on my mind like crazy!  Honestly, I've been following some other Surrogate Blogs and on a couple of them these sweet Surrogates just barely found out that their Embryo transfer either didn't work or they are going through a chemical pregnancy. :(  I keep reading their posts and most of them say, "better luck next time, the first one never takes."  I don't want to hear this.. All we have is one shot.  My IM & IF only have 2 embryo's left to transfer...  I am praying for a Miracle!  I want nothing more but to give them the gift of life, to carry to term a healthy beautiful baby!  I will take the time this week to tell you a little more about the trials the IM/IF have had to go through.  From the best of my knowledge. :)

Although, I have started this blog, I haven't told anyone but my best friend as well as the Intended Parents... Maybe I should, but worried that people will correct me on my grammar, spelling, etc! LOL :D
P.S.  I do know that you cannot start a sentence with the word "And", but I like too, so don't judge me. :)

As for the Lupron, I'm doing pretty good on it.  No more side effects to report!  Although, this last Sunday I think I may have hit a vein or something!  I bled like crazy and instantly had an enormous bruise on my tummy! OUCH!


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