Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not Good News

Sorry it has taken me so long to update...  I have been so emotional lately.  So, we had our vaginal ultrasound yesterday to check my ovaries as well as check the thickness of the uterine lining and so sad to say that my lining was too thin. :(  My ovaries looked exactly how they were supposed to, which is good.  Also, another positive thing was that the lining showed a triple-layer, which is also very good.  But I am still so upset because now our schedule is off and unfortunately this pushes our transfer date back.  So as of now, no transfer on April 2nd.  I feel like I did everything I was supposed to.  I never missed a pill or a shot, they were always taken/given at the exact moment they were supposed to be.  I talked to the nurse and she went over my meds again and verified everything I was taking was correct.

Yesterday would've been my last Lupron injection of 5 ml and I would've stopped taking the Estrace 3x a day, every 6 hrs & started taking a half a pill in the a.m. and a half a pill in the p.m.  But since my lining is too thin I now have to continue the Lupron shots, as well as continue taking Estrace 3x a day.  But now I have to add an Estrace pill vaginally (sorry if TMI), every 12 hrs.  This also means no Progesterone shots are being started.  We do have another ultrasound this Friday morning.  We are praying that my lining looks perfect then!  Prayers needed please.

You know, I talked to "C" yesterday and I was just devastated.  I feel like it's all my fault..  What did I do wrong?  What could I have done to change the outcome?  Stupid Uterus!!  They've already waited so long to get here and now to have to wait even longer..  But you know with those simple words from "C", "Remember, there's a reason for everything!" :) It made it all better!  I love her dearly!  Thank you so much C!

I do have to vent about something though.. Yesterday at my appointment, the doctor was struggling to find the uterine lining as well as "both" my ovaries??  I cannot believe how much pain I was in for 20+ minutes he couldn't find anything?  Really?  I have no ovaries? Say whaaat?!  After those excruciating 20 minutes the nurse (must've seen my facial expressions) excused herself to go & grab the Ultrasound Tech.  She kindly helped out and within 1 minute found them!!  Thank you really cute, young Tech!! :)  Unfortunately, this was not the first time this same Dr. has struggled doing that same job, with this same patient..

For those of you who aren't exactly sure about the Uterine Lining, here you go:

Uterine lining is routinely measured using the vaginal ultrasound in IVF cycles and is expected to be of adequate thickness for embryo implantation. An uterine thickness of 8-14 mm or greater is generally considered adequate thickness and less than 7 mm has been associated with lower pregnancy rates with almost no pregnancies observed with a lining less than 5 mm.

Often patients become concerned about uterine thickness during their IVF cycle. There is strong data to show that there is a trend towards higher pregnancy rates with thicker linings, but there is not a definitive lower or upper threshold where pregnancy does not occur. Another feature that is often overlooked is the endometrial pattern. Most fertility physicians would like to see a triple layer, or trilaminar pattern for the endometrium.  However, pregnancies still occur when there is a non trilaminar pattern.


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