Friday, March 22, 2013

Could I possibly be anymore sleepy?

I am totally exhausted... I can't seem to get enough sleep.  I'm tired all the time, after I wake up, after lunch, before dinner, I even think I'm tired when I'm sleeping! LOL  I know it has to do with my medicine I'm on.  It's been worse since Wednesday, when I started Estrace 3x a day.

Also, I've been really crampy.  I'm hoping it's because my uterus is thickening and making it comfy for a beautiful little baby or 2!!  It's a really weird cramping, nothing I remember ever feeling before.  Hopefully its normal & is from the Lupron and Estrace I'm on. :)

Another thing I need to vent about is the lovely 11 lbs I've added to myself! Yippee, not!  11 lbs? Really??  The most I've put on with any of my babies was 18 lbs!  I'm more then half way there. :(  Actually, it's not that bad, just the fact that I have less clothes to squeeze into now! HAHA! All it means is I will have to work harder after their beautiful gift(s) is/are here!

Okay, the count down is on!  Lets hope that the ultrasound this Tuesday looks great so we could transfer in 11 days!!!


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