Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I received a gift from the IM!

Over the weekend I received a very sweet package from the IM & IF.  They researched and found probably some of the best vitamins out there!  Thanks you guys!! :)

Okay... I'm not going to lie.. The Omega vitamins are awesome, even smell like yummy strawberries!!  But the Prenatals, GAG, they are going to be rough to swallow. Ha Ha!  I know I will get used to them but they smell horrendous, also they are that type of vitamin that starts dissolving the second it hits your tongue. :|

So, I decided (since I have to be organized) to go and buy an old persons pill sorter!  At least that's what my kids called it when they saw it! :D  I'm only taking my Prenatals at breakfast, lunch, & dinner & my Omega's once in the morning & once in the evening, but I also have to remember my birth control every evening.. Anything to help me out!!  Have I mentioned that I love to be organized & I love Schedules!

Okay, update on Side effects.  I'm not sure if it is the Lupron, Omega or Prenatal pills, seeing as I started the Lupron Sunday & the Vitamins Monday.  I feel kinda nauseous, and have an enormous headache.. :(  Hopefully, it's just my body getting used to everything.


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