Sunday, March 17, 2013

Finally got scared!

Okay, so since day 1 of this journey I've been so positive, nothing has made me nervous, scared or made me second guess what I was doing.... Until today... When I opened up the package I received in the mail with my new meds.

So, this is not what scared me.  The Progesterone looked okay, a little like Vegetable Oil, I kinda expected that.  But what was in the packaging was this!

YIKES!  Are they serious?  This needle is thicker then a pencil led.. And they want me to poke myself where??  In my bottom?  Now I'm scared. :\  I'm not one to be scared of needles but my goodness sakes I might hit bone with that baby!

But then I decided to get smart and look over the packaging! :)

Agh!  Thank goodness!! Okay, so for those of you who are looking at the 2nd needle & thinking what!?  This 2nd needle is just as long as the 1st but it's 1/2 the thickness of the other one.  That actually makes me feel a TON better, a lot less scared! :)  So, apparently I use the thick needle to remove the Progesterone from the bottle, then I unscrew the large needle & screw on the thinner needle, then I inject myself in my bottom.

Here is a pic of both needles and the tiny little one is what I've been injecting myself in the tummy every morning with Lupron.  Those ones don't even hurt, unless you hit a vein on accident!

I will start the Progesterone shots on March 27th, wish me luck! Also, this week I started Estrace, 1/2 tablet in the a.m. & 1/2 a tablet in the p.m.  They are tasteless, tiny little blue pills.  The only side effects I received with the Estrace was a small headache the first two days.  I can handle that! :)


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