Sunday, March 3, 2013

Psychiatric Evaluation! :\

Yikes! Yep kinda scary.  So we've been told that we have to have a psychiatric evaluation on both parties, which honestly I think is pretty fair deal, right?  They need to make sure that we are all in the right state of mind, no crazies here!

Actually, I was pretty nervous.. We had the evaluation scheduled for November 24th, Thanksgiving weekend, seeing as we would be up in Salt Lake with my family.  Okay, I just have to say... I felt horrible walking out of there.. :(  Just putting my life in perspective "out loud" made me question if they were going to clear me of being a normal person!  You need to know that my husband, Nick, has had an amazing up-bringing!  He comes from a very strong LDS family, Loving Family, his parents remained happily married, his childhood was just perfect!

And then there's me... Never knew my biological father (actually he located me just barely months before this evaluation), didn't know all my siblings (now best friends with my sister Jessica), my step dad that raised me was in & out of my life, I was raised by my single mom for most of my life.  Just didn't sound as perfect as Nick's life did.

But hey, she assured me that it only makes you stronger the trials you have in your life!  I could have probably talked to her for hours!  Luckily, we also decided to meet up for lunch with our dear friends so I knew an hour was all we had with the Psychologist!

We met up with the IM/IF at some cute little quaint restaurant and grabbed a bite to eat and chatted for so long!  I forgot how much Nick & the IF (intended father) got along!  As well as the IM (intended mother) and myself.  I have to say watching our dear friends with their daughter (who was also brought into this world via IVF) just reassured me that we were doing the right thing!  Boy, are they so amazing, so charismatic & loving to her.  I couldn't have been more lucky to have this opportunity shared with anyone else, but with them!


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