Monday, April 29, 2013

My Emotions & Symptoms!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days! I've been so busy with softball games, my brother and his family in town and exhaustion! Seems every time I sit down to blog I pass out! :)

As for symptoms this last week, I've been kinda off.  I really don't have too many pregnancy symptoms. I hadn't had any morning sickness and no tender breasts. I do think my appetite is subsiding too. All I want for breakfast lunch and dinner is cereal! I have made some of my favorite dinners but then I won't eat it.  I know that I have to force myself to eat fruits, veggies & meat but they just don't sound appealing right now. I am however craving ice chips and I am constantly drinking tons of water. As for my emotions... They've been all over the place! Today I was looking for a shirt of mine and noticed it was missing so I asked my 15 year old if she borrowed it, she said she hadn't. So I searched and searched with no luck! I was practically in tears in my closet? Really? Over a stinken shirt? Wow, I literally had to tell myself to snap out of it! Also, as I was driving a couple of days ago I noticed two elderly people walking hand & hand, the man stopped and swooped his lovely wife's hair from her face and smiled this oh so precious grin and I lost it! I was sobbing! The hard part of this is that I am already an emotional person! :)

Well, Yesterday.... It hit me like a ton of bricks! I woke up with an uneasy stomach. The second I stood up I ran as fast as I could to the bathroom and there it went!! I continued to throw up an additional 5x in the next couple of hours. I literally had to force myself to eat something light and as long as I continued to have something in my stomach I was okay! I also forced myself to go to sleep at noon in the hopes that I would feel much better, which it did help immensely. We had a BBQ at my parents house last night and I ate really good, thank goodness!

We were recently scheduled to have our ultrasound on Friday the 3rd but were able to get into my OB this Thursday the 2nd at 10:30! I'm really excited and nervous. There goes all these crazy emotions again! B & C will be able to travel down here to be here for the ultrasound! I am so excited!! I pray that we see some little heart beats!! :)


  1. oh boy i cant wait to see how many babies are in there!!!

  2. So excited to see you again this week! Thanks for the updates! Love always! "C"