Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Symptoms Update!

I thought I'd update everyone on how I'm feeling. You may glance at this and think I'm a whiner, but honestly I just want to keep tabs on my symptoms for other Surrogates or Expectant Mothers to look over, so they know they are not alone! :) 

As of today we have only one more week before our Beta Blood Test... I honestly think it's moving quicker than anticipated.  I think I'm more nervous then anything. I don't want to have these days move any quicker if the outcome isn't what we've all been working so hard for and praying so heavily for...

(Day 5-Tuesday)
Symptoms: More cramping, More Bloating, Leg Cramps, Sensitive, Thirsty, Lots of potty breaks, Constipation :(, Really hungry, Sharp pains up my Cha-chi :|

(Day 4-Monday)
Symptoms: Back ache, MAJOR Cramping, Leg Cramping, Thirsty, frequent urination, Headache, & would you know Bloating! :)

(Day 3-Sunday)
Symptoms: Back ache, Emotional, Thirsty, frequent urination, and more bloating!

(Day 2-Saturday)
Symptoms: Sleepy, bloating, Very Thirsty, "SO" sleepy-not a lot of potty breaks! :)

(Day 1-Friday)
Symptoms: Headache, Thirsty, frequent urination, bloating

Transfer Day (Thursday)
Symptoms: Headache, minor tummy ache, frequent urination, bloating

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