Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A few updates!


Well someone let the cat out of the bag... Today as we were talking to our 15 year old daughter, Nick blurts out, "Yes, we are leaving on Wednesday so your Mom can get PREGNANT on Thursday morning!"  After he removed his big foot out of his mouth and picked his jaw off the ground, he saw that all 3 of our little girls were also in the room! They were all so excited and jumped around saying, "YES!  Mommy's having another baby!" (At this time only our oldest 2 teenage kids were in the know) We then had to sit all 4 of the younger kids down and explained the whole situation.  And would you believe it, they are all on board.  We had lots and lots of questions to answer, but we were so grateful we didn't have to be sneaky anymore!

1 more day!

I am so overwhelmed with emotion lately..  I seriously pondered on so many feelings and thoughts that I had racing through my mind.  I just catch myself praying over and over again.  I just need to relax and and have faith that our Heavenly Father has a plan.  Just knowing this puts my mind at ease. :)

We will be heading back to SLC this afternoon!  We went Monday afternoon to SLC for the Jazz game, headed back home yesterday to make our daughters softball game and to spend time with our kids.  We had a great night sleep in our own beds, sent the kids off to school and we'll get on the road really soon.  We are so excited!  I cannot believe that tomorrow is finally here!  I remember thinking this moment would never come.  I will try an update as much as I possibly can.  B & C have booked us a beautiful room at a Bed & Breakfast and I know that it is going to be so nice & peaceful for me to be able to relax and take it easy after the transfer.
I'm not exactly sure how much we will be sharing as of yet, but I promise I will post at least every other day.  I will give you updates on how the transfer went, my feelings, how I am feeling, etc.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! :)

Okay, onto another subject!  I am a very superstitious person!  I really try and not to be but I am the kinda person who believes in "everything happens for a reason".  I tend to catch myself praying and to immediately see something that will put my mind at ease or make me feel comfort.  I have 2 things that have made me feel great lately during this journey!  But because I don't want to jinx anything I will hold off from sharing them and keep you all wondering!  :)  I will share later!

Progesterone Side Effects (5 days in)

Okay, so as of Monday, no real side effects except for the breast tenderness and bloating, actually a lot of bloating!  But last night!  Wow, I totally caught myself being moody for no apparent reason.  :(  Luckily, I noticed and fought the urge to rip heads off! LOL totally just playing! :) I honestly cannot believe that I've had 5 PIO shots, I am doing fabulous afterwards.  No soreness anymore either! It's almost unbelievable!

Well wish us luck!  Thanks for everyone who reads my blog.  I honestly just started it for me and to have a journal of this journey, I am so overwhelmed with the comments and love we are receiving!



  1. Wow, you are getting a lot of views! Good luck to you!

  2. Thank you so much Cari! I know I cannot believe how many views we've been getting! :)