Friday, April 19, 2013

More Beta's & More Updates!

Today started off just as Tuesday did, busy busy! :) I needed to head back to IHC for our second Beta Test, but the Order that the nurse emailed to me yesterday was locked & I was unable to open it last night as well as this morning? I tried, Nick tried, I tried again... I decided to call Jenalee (UCRM Nurse) and explained this and she kindly changed the file so I was able to print off the order! I rushed out the door to IHC, it was completely dead in there! They took me straight back and got my sample sent off quickly.

I do have to share that the nurse there (Susan) was so neat! She had this amazing spirit about her, very kind, very gentle. We sat there for over 30 mins just talking! I love meeting new people that impact your life. I will never forget her kindness! She promised me that she would love to share the Beta #'s with me if we hadn't heard from the Dr.'s office by 4. Thanks so much Susan!

Today's Beta #'s! 14dp/6dt (14 days past/6 day transfer) 827! Woohoo! That's more then double! :) *HAPPY DANCE* C was actually the one to call me with the amazing news! We all just feel amazing! So Blessed! I was nervous, I'm not going to lie! Not cause I had anything leaning towards bad news but just cause I'm such a worry worm!

Now we wait.. We need to schedule an ultrasound for May 3rd! Only 2 weeks, we just had a 2ww... We can do another one! :) I'm so glad because B & C will be here for the ultrasound! I pray that everything looks perfect, heart beat/s and all!

They gave us a due date of December 20th! Yippee, Christmas Baby! What a blessing, a miracle, such a special gift to receive right before Christmas! :) Looks like Santa's shopping online this year! Ha Ha I had my 2nd daughter born in December and that was pretty difficult, and that was with half the kids I have now! o_o  This means we will be 5 weeks tomorrow!

As for the side effects.. Well it's official. I don't believe I'm bloated, I believe my bloat has turned into chunk! :( I never thought the meds would have this kind of affect on me? They did put me on Birth Control way back in October so I think in the 5 months I was on them I gained 7 lbs! Sadly I'm carrying this all in my waste so I already look way pregnant! Even my kids are saying, "Wow Mom the baby/babies are growing so fast!" I just laughed ridiculously because I also just read minutes before this that the baby is the size of a poppy seed!! Oh, Dear! Also, I have noticed a lot of exhaustion! As well as the increase in appetite, not too bad, mostly for spicy foods, anything spicy! Also, I am usually a snacker, but seem to want to eat full meals every time I eat. Really staying hydrated, I can't seem to drink enough water! Other then the usual pain on my back side from the PIO, we are doing pretty good!

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