Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shout out to my girl Alisha!

Okay so since we are in the 2ww again for the ultrasound and I have no real exciting news to share. I will just give a shout out to my girl Alisha! She is having 2 beautiful frozen embryos transferred to her beautiful fluffy uterus this afternoon!!! I am so happy, excited & anxious for her! I love you girl! I am praying (wish I could Fast, but the Lord knows I can't go an hour without eating right now!) so hard for you & your hubby! Stick little "H" babies!! We all know Mama needs some rapid weight gain, crazy cravings, sleepless nights & stretch marks!! LOL Oh, and let me throw in how much she's enjoying those "Painless" Progesterone Shots!! J/k Alisha! :) I just want you to know that I have been so grateful for you to be by my side through this Journey. I love that I have someone to talk to that is also going through the meds, pain, excitement & emotions! I know that my journey is totally different from yours, seeing as you are going through this journey to receive your own "Miracle". But I love that we can help each other out! From the very first day I met you (5 years back) and we spoke about Surrogacy and about our families I knew you would always be that dear friend that had that special place in my heart! I want nothing more but for to receive the amazing news we have received! I want you to experience a full heart as I have! You have gone through so many hardships going down this road... I want this to be the best outcome possible!

I love you girly! Lots of prayers heading your way!!

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