Monday, April 1, 2013


Okay, so Friday was my first Progesterone Shot (PIO), and I have to be brutally honest.  This was probably one of the worse pains I've ever felt in my life!  From the very first time I laid my eyes on these needles, I knew we would not get along...  I anticipated this day from day one!  All day Friday I had it in the back of my head, thinking about it, the pain, the discomfort, etc.

 My poor Nick is such a trooper for being right there with me the whole time.  We couldn't do the shot in the morning because I hadn't heard from the nurse yet at UCRM, until after 11 am on Friday, which by this time Nick was at work and you are supposed to inject yourself everyday at the same exact time, so we waited until later in the evening.

I read to ice first then heat your bottom after, so this is what we did.

1st PIO shot = Decided to ice the area for about 2 mins, prepared the PIO into the needle and disinfected the area.  I decided to lay on the edge of my bed, tummy down.  I was so nervous and tense I just gripped onto my bedding and with a quick dart like motion, Nick with this goofy smile as if he was excited to give me this painful shot, injected slowly.  I could feel every bit of the Progesterone running through my bottom, I could barely get off my bed onto my feet.  Wiping my tears I toughened up and went to immediately walk around a bit and heated the area for about 10 minutes.
Throughout the night I tossed and turned, it felt like he left the needle in my bottom.  In the morning and throughout the day on Saturday I was limping around.

We decided to take our kids hiking that day.  When we returned I couldn't believe how much better my bruised butt felt!  :)  Just in time for the 2nd shot!!

***Decided to get smart!  I was online for at least 2 hrs researching others ideas on how to give the shot or what to do before and after the shot.  Hey, any little help would be greatly appreciated at this time!

Ah Ha!! You've got to be kidding me.. Seriously?!  What?  We gave it on my butt, they're butt shots right?  We were not explained how to give the PIO shots, just told to give them in my bottom.  :(  No wonder I'm in so much pain!

Here is the amazing picture that is saving my life!
I'm so happy  that I found this pic!!  My first shot was on the left side, below the bottom right corner one.  Almost right smack in the middle.

2nd PIO shot = So now I am really ready!  Tonight we decided to lay the PIO on the heating pad while I was icing my bottom, we prepped the needle and Nick disinfected.  I decided to try laying on my tummy on the edge of the bed again, this time putting all my weight on the opposite side we were injecting, didn't tense up, just tried to relax.  Barely even felt the pressure of the needle!  It was over just like that!  Wow, what a difference!  I did heat for about 10 minutes afterwards, which extremely helps.  I did wake up on Sunday sore, but not remotely close to how I felt Saturday morning.. I could walk!!

3rd PIO shot =  I got this!  Did exactly what we did on Saturday evening, heated the PIO a little, iced the area, didn't tense up and put all my weight on the opposite side.  This time it was unbelievable; I had to ask Nick if the needle was even in!  And just like that, it was over.  But tonight there was absolutely no achy-ness, even when I woke up this morning, I had to push on the area to make sure it was really given to me! Hallelujah!  Can only pray it remains this perfect!!  This time I sat on the heating pad for 20 minutes.

My only side effects as of now are breast tenderness and a little bloating.  Nothing too bad!  :)



  1. I'm glad the shots got better they terrify me lol ill be praying for you on Thursday good luck!!!

  2. Agh! Thank you so much Rashelle! Yes, I had to call the nurse today to make sure I was doing them in the right spot cause last nights was even easier! :)

    Us too! Lots of prayers needed!