Saturday, April 13, 2013

Update & More Symptoms!

I've been wanting to post since Thursday but had such a rough day! I was so overwhelmed & had so much anxiety... I was in tears for most of the day, I hate days like that! I blame it all on the Progesterone!  LOL I think the 2 week wait just got the better of me. I text C on Thursday and she said she'd been experiencing the same thing, I bet! I'm sure her and B have been extremely overwhelmed and have been on pins & needles! I've been praying for you B & C! :)

So, today we are 9dp/6dt!! I cannot believe we've made it this far! It's actually still moving quickly! Thank Goodness!! It does help that I have 5 of my 6 kids playing baseball or softball, so all week long we've been at games or practices. As of today we have 3 more days until we find out the results (I'd like to think Miracle) of what we've all been working so hard for... I spoke to C today and she thinks the time has moved quickly as well! But we both know Monday is going to drag & drag! Lets hope not C!

As for my bottom.... Yikes! I am starting to feel the pain everyone else has described! Although, I'm still tolerating the pain of the shot, which is not too bad, it's the after math! OUCH! My whole back side feels abused! I'm honestly surprised that I am not black and blue back there? It's even tender to the touch some days. The good news is I was able to get rid of that knot I had back there and there are no new ones! :)

Here are my day to day symptoms. Starting from transfer day until today!

(Day 11-Monday)
Symptoms: So thirsty, exhausted, bloated :(, frequent urination, hungry, another craving for something spicy! :), fuller breasts (not gonna lie, kinda enjoy this one, honestly the only perk of Progesterone!)

(Day 10-Sunday)

Symptoms: Exhausted, thirsty, freezing, fuller breasts, still some bloating

(Day 9-Saturday)
Symptoms: Slept amazing!, thirsty, craving spicy food?, hungry, sleepy, frequent urination, freezing, headache, fuller breasts

(Day 8-Friday)
Symptoms: Headache, hard time sleeping, thirsty, freezing, frequent urination, sleepy, fuller breasts :)

(Day 7-Thursday)
Symptoms: Headache, VERY emotional, hard time sleeping, fuller breasts :), freezing

(Day 6-Wednesday)
Symptoms: Persistent Headache, thirsty, emotional, bloating (less), freezing

(Day 5-Tuesday)
Symptoms: More cramping, More Bloating, Leg Cramps, Sensitive, Thirsty, Lots of potty breaks, Constipation :(, Really hungry, Sharp pains up my Cha-chi :|

(Day 4-Monday)
Symptoms: Back ache, MAJOR Cramping, Leg Cramping, Thirsty, frequent urination, Headache, & would you know Bloating! :)

(Day 3-Sunday)
Symptoms: Back ache, Emotional, Thirsty, frequent urination, and more bloating!

(Day 2-Saturday)
Symptoms: Sleepy, bloating, Very Thirsty, "SO" sleepy-not a lot of potty breaks! :)

(Day 1-Friday)
Symptoms: Headache, Thirsty, frequent urination, bloating

Transfer Day (Thursday)
Symptoms: Headache, minor tummy ache, frequent urination, bloating

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