Sunday, April 21, 2013

B & C & Little K's Visit

We were so lucky to have such spectacular news this week that B & C and their little K decided to drive 4 hours to have dinner with Nick & I on Saturday evening! They made reservations at a place called Xeteva Gardens. Okay I have lived here for awhile and I have never heard of this place. A small little place right out of Kayenta in Ivins, Utah. The scenery was beautiful! The restaurant was really small but quaint. The service was great. The food options were pretty unique and really good! The spicy hummus was amazing! Thinking back now... I should have ordered the spicy hummus as my meal! Yumm! There I go with spicy foods again!  And the appetizers for a meal, Nick absolutely hates that whenever we go out I tend to have a trio appetizer! What can I say, I'm a pretty indecisive person! I like a little of everything. :) We had such great conversation! We talked practically about everything! How I was feeling? How they were feeling? How are families were supporting us in this Journey, etc.

Then there is little K... :) Ohh, she makes my heart melt! She is such a smart little girl, very beautiful and has this little spirit about her! She drew me 2 pics I have now hung on my fridge! Every time I see B & C with that little sweetheart I am just reminded of how amazingly loving, caring, compassionate, strong and patient they are. Such great parents, people, friends. :) When I think of this beautiful experience brought into my life, I am reminded of all their great qualities and what they have to offer this/these baby/babies!

After dinner we invited them to come and see our home & visit our kids! We called the kids on the way home and they were so excited! They keep asking about them and about Little K! She fit right in with my girls! They showed her their (messy) playroom and they immediately started playing as if they've known each other for years! I want to thank B & C for driving out all this way! I wish we lived closer so we could do this more often! We love you guys!

**As for the symptoms, hmmm... No sickness, No nausea, No sore breasts (just heavy), increase of appetite for sure, ridiculous amount of potty breaks.. Seriously woke up 3x last night with a full bladder! But most of all exhaustion! Oh, boy am I tired, the second I stop moving/sit down I'm out! Ask the primary kids at church today! Yep, me.. I fell asleep at church today during singing & sharing time! The kids thought it was pretty darn funny! Other then that I am feeling really good!


  1. Wish the trip would have been a little longer...:-(
    I enjoyed every second of it! Looking forward to spending a ton of time together... Can't wait!

    1. Us too! A few hours of quality time wasn't enough! :) We cannot wait to see all of you again next week! So excited!!!