Thursday, April 4, 2013

Precious Cargo!

Sorry I wanted to post the second I got back to the hotel but the Valium kicked in big time and had me climb in to bed the second I walked into the room.  I had a very nice & cozy nap, about 4 hrs!

Throughout the night last night I tossed and turned.  I couldn't sleep, I kept having these weird dreams!  First one I missed the appointment and came a day late!  Then I had a dream that they checked my lining and said I had no lining?  It was all so weird.

I finally got out of bed and showered, got ready, woke Nick up so he could get ready.  This cute B&B we are staying in delivered one of the healthiest amazing breakfasts to our door.  Unfortunately, I had so much anxiety and emotions I could barely pick at all the yummy food.  We got on the road and got to UCRM.  The second we parked I felt relief, comfort, that everything was going just the way it was supposed to, up to that point.

We finally found the office and as we walked in B&C were sitting there in the waiting room.  I quickly checked in with the receptionist, and ran to hug C!  I didn't want to let her go, we were both instantly crying.  We stood there in the waiting room and chatted for what seems like only 5 mins before they called my name!  She said 1 person could come back, which I knew it should be C (Nick & B are friends so I knew they could keep each other company).  But seeing how caring C is, she offered for Nick to come back as well! :)  The nurse agreed.  We were brought to the "Transfer Room" :), which I have to add is the same exact room C was in when they transferred her sweet K!  They had me go potty, drape the blanket over my lap and then invited Nick and C into the room.  I have to admit, this was one of my favorite moments of the day.  C & I just sat there and chatted forever!  I love her, she is so inspirational!  I wish we lived closer so we could visit with them more.  C gave me a gift in the waiting room but they called us back to quickly I was unable to open it, until we got into the "Transfer Room". I read this beautiful card, tried not to cry, but couldn't contain myself. They gave us a Olive Garden Gift Card, which is my favorite place to eat.  She also gave me this beautiful Necklace.

Which the second I read the beautiful message on it, I began to lose it!  I couldn't resist the urge to slip the necklace on right then and there!  They are just so thoughtful!

After containing myself Dr. Johnson came in and introduced herself to us.  We've been meeting/speaking with Dr. Peterson but unfortunately it is not his month for transfers.  We were all a little skeptical, but heard great things about Dr. Johnson.  She was amazing.  She invited B to come in so she could go over the embryos with all 4 of us.  She showed us the picture of 2- 6 day old embryo's and said, both embryos have survived! Wow, then she began to explain to us that one only had about a 15-20% of survival.  Which she then comforted us with saying that doesn't mean this embryo won't make it but there is a slimmer chance seeing as the cells aren't too clear.  But on the other hand the other embryo looked really good, the cells were lined up, etc.  Looking at the 2 it's amazing the difference in the two.  We are still hoping & praying both work but I know we will be grateful for one healthy baby as well.  Dr. Johnson then began explaining to us that there is also a chance the great embryo could still split, so there is still a chance for twins! :)

The top Embryo is the good Embryo, the bottom one, not so strong. But still Fighting!!
(6 day old embryos)
B had so many questions for Dr. Johnson, which I was so grateful for because in all reality I think we were all so overwhelmed with the process, it was good to have his voice heard.  Thanks B! :)  The Dr. gave me a Valium which unfortunately didn't kick in until the whole process was done, but I was still willing to follow the Dr.'s orders!  The second they had me put my legs in the stirrups, B was out! LOL  They used the ultrasound machine on my belly to see the uterus and Dr. Johnson began to prep me!  They were able to show us the embryos being sucked up in the straw, the tech then brings them to Dr. Johnson and she carefully inserted them.  You could immediately see how beautifully placed they were in there!  This is where, I pray, they will have a nice comfy home for the next 9 months!

After they were all done they had me lay somewhat upside down with a pillow propped under my bottom for 30 minutes.  C stayed there and talked to me the whole time!  I believe I tried to talk back but I'm sure I made no sense thanks to the drugs!  Sorry if I wasn't making sense C! :) Once the 30 mins was up they allowed me to get dressed (very carefully) and warned me that the fluid that my come out (sorry if TMI) was only the solution and would not be the embryos!  And then I had a chariot awaiting me at the door!  :)  The nurse wheeled me out in a wheelchair where Nick then pulled up the car and I continued to hug C & B.  We took a few picture with each other.  I'm not sure if I could post these pics yet, but will soon find out.

I do have to say how warming and inviting the staff at UCRM were.  Even every time I talk to them over the phone or any time I have another question they are always willing to answer very quickly.  The nurse's there today were all amazing, as well as so funny!  We had some good laughs!

On our way home, the Valium "really" hit!  I don't even remember what Nick was talking to me about??  All I remember is climbing into this comfy bed.  Honestly, I had to go potty the second I got here but was so worried the embies might fall out I held it for the 4 hrs I slept!  Yikes! LOL!  Honestly, I do not want to move!  I wish I could lay here all weekend, just being relaxed, so this precious cargo could just enjoy the quiet and get comfy! :)

Transfer Day (Day 1)
Symptoms: Headache, minor tummy ache, frequent urination


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