Monday, December 2, 2013

~37 Weeks~

We are 37 weeks!!! December is sneaking up on us! I am so excited to "attempt" to get my tree and decorations up. Mostly because I let my kids decorate for Halloween and I have not one item for Fall up in my house. Hopefully I can work on that this weekend!

As for this little guy he is doing amazing! Very cramped, but still very active. No more kicks and jabs, just a ton of body rolls! He has found a great sleeping pattern, which I am loving. Also, I think I am going to blame my starving issues on him. :) I am hungry all the time. I have to eat at least every 2 hours. I go to sleep eating and I wake up starving! I can tell that he has started moving downwards. I thought I've had a ton of pelvic pressure the last 2 weeks but now I know I was lucky then.. Cause now.. yowzers!

We had our 37 week appt on Tuesday and C was able to make the trip down. She also brought her father with was the sweetest, most gentlest, loving man. Something about him just gave me warm feelings inside. Maybe it was Baby S? Maybe he sensed his Mommy & Grandpa were near!

Dr. says baby is looking perfect and I am looking great as well. Nothing to worry about! I only put on 1 lb. this week! Which amazes me cause I thought for sure I would be gaining a ton more right now. Dr. K gave me my Group B test, so lets hope it comes out negative. Also, he checked me and it looks like we are 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced! That's a start! After our weekly appt. we headed over to labor and delivery and met with some amazing ladies in the Labor and Delivery Unit. C & I went over and gave them our Birth Plan. It was so nice to see them so intrigued and interested in what our request were! I have a feeling that we are going to have a great experience with them! They said everything on our plan was do-able. So, that gave us a ton of peace of mind. :)

Weight Gain: 21 lbs!

Cravings: Ice Chips, Water, Bananas, Strawberries, Ice Chips, Dried Fruit, Cottage Cheese, Cashews, Pistachios, Ice Chips, Licorice, pretty much anything and everything I can get my hands on. Oh, and did I mention Ice Chips?!! I just found out that eating ice is a low iron deficiency? Again, I don't know why. This little guy must take every last drop of my Iron from me! :)

Symptoms: Fatigue, Exhaustion, Back Pain, Pelvic Pain, Pelvic Pressure, Tail-bone Pressure, Absolutely no sleep (well maybe a total of 3 hours a night), Extreme Potty breaks, Leg Cramps. And I almost took a pic of how swollen my feet and hands were getting this week! I seriously was sporting some serious Shrek feet! Didn't take a pic cause I was pretty embarrassed of them, I almost didn't recognize my own feet! LOL

37 Weeks! Very uncomfortable when this pic was taken, hence the expression on my face! :)

Their baby's the size of a winter melon!
Yay! Baby has reached full term. He likely measures around 18.9 to 20.9 inches and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. He's gaining about 1/2 ounce each day.

Their baby at 37 weeks!
  • He's practicing some skills: inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking.
  • He's getting his first sticky poop (called meconium) ready for his first diaper.

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