Thursday, May 2, 2013

Very First Ultrasound!

Let me start off by saying the last 24 hrs have been very overwhelming and scary... Yesterday morning I had bright red bleeding. It started off a little heavy but within a couple hrs it finally subsided! Thank Goodness! The nurses recommended I stayed down for the remainder of the day. All I could do was ponder on why and what if's?? I was pretty scared going into our appointment today! Luckily I was able to get some good sleep and was so excited that B & C were able to make the drive down to be here today for our appointment.

I was told to drink 24 oz of water within 30 mins right before my appt. Gag! I was so nauseous this morning I about threw up all of it! I had to hurry up and grab some gum just so I could keep the water down. Once I saw B & C I was much more calm! C & I went back to the room to get prepped for the ultrasound, once we were in the room we noticed that the table & stirrups faced the entrance of the door. We decided just us two would stay for the U/S! The boys would have great conversation in the waiting room! :)

Immediately I noticed two sacs, but to my dismay only saw 1 with a baby... The other sac unfortunately was empty...I immediately looked over at C and could see the sadness in her face, it just crushed me... This immediately saddened me. I guess I was either expecting just one sac with one healthy baby or two sacs with two healthy babies. Not once did I anticipate that one baby would stop growing. :( The Tech assured both of us that most likely the embryo had problems from the very beginning and just wasn't healthy, this kinda comforted me. I know that at the transfer only 1 looked great and the other only had a 15-20% chance of survival so chances of twins was low. Sadness overwhelmed me, but the minute the tech showed us the heartbeat of this beautiful little bun.. I was immediately grinning from ear to ear! My heart raced with excitement! I looked over at C as she was smiling too! This little one had a strong heartbeat of 127!! I am so happy and excited that this little one looks healthy! The little bun is measuring a few days behind but they are still keeping the due date as December 20th! Our next appt will be at 10 weeks, in just 3 more weeks! Actually I just realized that our next appt is the same day as our last Estrace pills & PIO shot!! Hooray! Thank goodness! I cannot wait until Nick can stop stabbing me with these painful needles! Last night my bottom actually fought back and squirted blood right at him! Yuck!! Only 22 more shots!!

Here is a chart that shows the progression of the Fetal Heartbeat: (This little one is right on!)

Age:                Normal Fetal Heart Rate:
4 weeks          80-85 bpm
5 weeks          80-103 bpm
6 weeks          103-126 bpm
7 weeks          126-149 bpm
8 weeks          149-172 bpm
9 weeks          155-195 bpm (avg. 175)

For most of you, you probably cannot read the ultrasound pic but I will post it anyways!

Both sacs. Bottom one is empty but the top one shows the little bun!!


  1. Yay!!! Glad that there is a healthy baby in there!!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that one baby didn't make it, but I'm so happy for you all that a healthy baby is in there! Can't wait to hear more!

  3. Breanna & Becca! Thank you so much!! We are so blessed to even have gotten this far in this journey. We all know that there was such a small chance it would even take on the very first & only transfer! We are so grateful to have come this far! Thanks so much girls!! :)