Friday, May 10, 2013

~8 Weeks~

I've been looking forward to this day all week! We are 8 weeks today! Every week we get closer and closer to the 12th week mark! These last couple weeks have gone by pretty quickly! End of the year stuff for all my kids, field trips, programs, end of season ball games. Crazy times!

I have to share that last week I went on a Field trip with my 2nd grader to a farm.. Okay I love 2nd graders! But some of them stink, some are just sweaty, have b.o, etc! LOL So we ride the big yellow school bus, with 100+, stinky 2nd graders.. I start feeling the bus shake, my stomach is uneasy as it is, I'm shoving the crust from my daughters home lunch sandwich in my mouth and try to settle my stomach, drink some water, hold it and actually start feeling better! Then.... I can feel it creeping back up... I look around, and nothing!! There's nothing to throw up in! I reach down and grab the baggy that my poor daughters (de-crusted) sandwich is in... and.... there she blows! Yep... Me.... Lost it.. In the big yellow school bus.. With a bunch of stinky 2nd graders... :( Luckily, we were only minutes from the farm so I only had to hold this warm, zip-locked baggy of my own puke for a little. Then the smell of those stinky cows.. Ugh... It was rough I couldn't even enjoy the field trip. I played it off and took some cute pics with my daughter. This was the longest field trip of man kind! From 9am-2pm.. At a stinky farm, in 92 degree weather, 7 wks pregnant, the week morning sickness hits.. On the big yellow stinky school bus! Come 2:30 pm I was past out! Those kids wore me out!

So, what do I do yesterday??  :) Decide to go on my 1st grade daughters field trip, from 9am -2pm!!! I love to help out in their classes and on the field trips, but honestly.. I need to learn to say "No" sometimes.. especially now that my morning sickness is so rough.. But I'm too nice.. I can't say No.. :) Honestly, I made sure I had a really full tummy before we returned to that big yellow bus! Brought my own ice cold water and a bag full of apples! The bus ride went smoothly! Hence the 1st grader in my group that couldn't keep his little fingers out of his nose! *Sanitize*Sanitize*Sanitize! We enjoyed sometime at the Animal Museum awesome!! Air conditioned and no smells! Headed to teach them Tennis Lessons. *HOT*, starving again, headed over to a Nature Museum, air conditioned! Then back over to another park to eat lunch! *Hallelujah* Today went a lot smoother! But what did I do the second I walked in the house?? Took a nap! :)

So, as of Wednesday I took the plunge. :( I am so embarrassed to even blog this.. I went to Target and bought me some bigger shorts. Not because it's baby but because I've gained so much weight none of my summer shorts or capris fit me.. It makes me sad but can I tell you how much more comfortable I am! Wow, I can breathe! A little of me wants to blame the pregnancy. I mean come on.. this is my 7th pregnancy!! I feel like my body just knows and preps me! LOL Every pregnancy seems to show sooner and sooner, I must have an enormous uterus! Ha Ha!

Weight Gain: 0

Cravings: Pickles (still #1), oranges, apples, grapes (I actually have a container hidden so my kids can't find them!), cucumbers, peanut butter & honey on multi-grain bread, string cheese, Mexican Food! I would eat it everyday if I could! :)

Symptoms: So sleepy, so hungry, sensitive, heartburn, lots of potty breaks, weird dreams, thirsty, morning sickness
(but none of this amounts up to the joy B & C will receive in December!)

The Little Bun is the size of a Raspberry!

Their baby's the size of a raspberry!
Now he/she weighs in at about .04 ounces and measures about .63 inches. This week, he's/she's growing about a millimeter each day.

Their baby at 8 weeks
  • I can't feel it yet, but he's/she's moving those arms and legs like crazy!
  • His/Her fingers and toes are now only slightly webbed, and his/her tail (yes, he/she had one) is gone.
  • Fun fact: their baby's taste buds are now forming.

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  1. I can't express how much I enjoy reading about you! Hope the symptoms subside soon thought! Love ya!