Monday, July 1, 2013

~15 Weeks~

I feel awful for not posting on Friday, like I normally do... I never once realized how far behind my housework and daily duties would put me going back to work full time! I spent most of my day Saturday getting caught up on laundry and cleaning (thoroughly)! My kids all have their daily chores that need to be complete, but sometimes.. It's just not the way "Mom" does it! :)

It's been a good week though. Loving my new job! I cannot believe how quickly last week went by though? I have a feeling that things will start moving quickly now.

We are now 15 weeks along.. Still counting by weeks, can't wait until we hit 20 weeks and I could just say they are 5 months along! :) That and it will give me a good reason for looking as big as I do right now! ha-ha! I seriously cannot believe how much bigger this little bun has grown since last week! Even my oldest daughter who's been away for a week and a half for softball, walked in last night and said, "Whoa! You're big now!" Kind of gave me a complex! LOL

As for how I am feeling, really good. Tired from time to time but that is to be expected with the pregnancy, family life and a full time job. :) I seem to be hungry (again) all the time! I wake up starving as if I didn't feed this little one the night before.. Apparently, the late night snacks aren't enough for him or her. :)

The best part of being 14 weeks was that I was able to text Sweet C and tell her that I am for sure feeling this little one move all the time! Especially after dinner or a cold glass of juice! I love the reassurance that this baby is healthy and going strong everyday!

I can say that what I am struggling the most with right now is the heat! Oh, boy.. my body temperature has jumped immensely but it also doesn't help that the weather here in town has been through the roof! Today it was actually 115! Here is last weeks forecast.

Weight Gain: 6 lbs!

Cravings: Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Peaches, Grapes, Cucumbers, Smoothies, Salads (mostly my version of Olive Gardens Salad), Subway (still), darn Bagels and Cream Cheese, Honestly anything with Bread, which is horrible I know.. Still just Ice Water and Juice.

Symptoms: Not to many anymore. Bigger Belly, Tender Breasts, Trouble Sleeping.
Doesn't look too bad here...
And then I take off my jacket. And bam!
Their baby is the size of an Orange! I'm thinking this little one is the size of a very very large orange or maybe even a grapefruit! :)

Their baby's the size of a navel orange!
The average fetus at 15 weeks weighs 2.5 ounces and measures 4 inches -- and his/her proportions are becoming even more normal, since his/her legs now out measure his/her arms.

Their baby at 15 weeks
  • He/She's squirming a ton!
  • He/She might even be hiccuping in there.
  • He's/She's making lots of progress: his/her joints and limbs can all move now.

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