Sunday, June 9, 2013

~12 Weeks~

Sorry for the delay in my post this week! I've had this written since Friday but wasn't able to post and edit until tonight! 

So excited to finally be 12 weeks! The first and hardest trimester is finally over... I hope! :) I'm not going to lie.. This has been harder then expected. I never once realized how exhausted I would feel. It has set me back more than I ever anticipated.

I'm going to vent a little. I'm a woman/wife/mom that can multi-task like no other! :) I have friends and strangers call me superwoman! Not only do I have ADD but I also have OCD. If anyone else has both of these, I feel for ya!!! I am a major clean freak and tend to spend hours a day organizing or cleaning. I catch myself everyday wanting my kids to pick up this & put away that, I need to slow my roll and just let my kids be kids! So, I can tell you with as much down time as I have had these last few weeks, my kids have enjoyed every second of it! :) I usually can clean my house (every Monday) from top to bottom and finish every last load of wash in one productive day! Now... LOL! I believe it's Friday?? And I still have laundry in my dryer waiting to be folded! That I keep tumble drying just to freshen up the clothes and get the wrinkles out! :) I'm not ashamed to admit it! I would just like at least half of my energy back. I know that once I move past this trimester things should go much smoother! Okay.. Enough venting!

On a positive note!! Morning sickness is gone! WooHoo! Unfortunately, on Wednesday I had thought it returned but instead realized that I had come down with some 24 hour bug that would not allow me to hold anything down. I tried to sleep as much as possible just to allow it to pass. Thank goodness it did! :) I am so stinken excited to be moving onto the second trimester! I am ready to start looking like I am pregnant instead of everyone just thinking I am enjoying Big Macs and Salty Fries! :) I'm enjoying this little miracle growing inside my body and I am adoring waking up every morning to see my bump growing daily! I really hope B & C will be just as excited to see their little miracle baby getting bigger and bigger each and every week.

Thursday, I decided it was best to let all my dear family and friends share in the joy of this journey. I posted this note on Facebook:

"I've been contemplating how to start this post for weeks and even if I should share with all of you. I figured most of you would all see or hear about my extra large round bump I will soon be sporting! Yes! You have it, I'm pregnant! (Most of you probably have to go & pick your jaw off the ground right about now! And you're all probably thinking I'm crazy! They already have 6 kids!) But here is where it gets tricky.... The baby is not ours. Yep! Another shock right?! I've been so lucky to have the opportunity to have been asked from some dear friends to carry their beautiful baby... 
Some of you may not understand why I'm doing this but believe me, I've prayed so strongly about this & I felt in my heart that I was willing to give up 1 year of my life to give this amazing couple the opportunity to enjoy something for the rest of theirs! ❤ This is fully their baby. His & hers. I am just baking their bun. I'm not posting this to have the approval of all of you. Just want all of you to be grateful for all of your little miracles that we sometimes take for granted. There are so many amazing couples out there aching for a child. And here I am feeling so blessed to be "chosen" to bring life into this world for one of them!
For those of you who want to follow our journey or want to understand more I have made a blog. Please feel free to read along."

Can I just tell you how overwhelmed I am with emotions. I never thought in a million years how much love & support I would receive from all my family & friends! Thanks so much to all of you! ❤

Weight Gain: 0

Cravings: Grapes, Oranges, Pineapple, Apples, Peaches, Smoothies, PB & J's, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Top Ramen (lol), Purple Powerade, Ice water! I want real meals to sound good to me again. :( I have to force myself to eat them. All I want is fruit!

Symptoms: Bigger Breasts, Baby bump, Tight clothes, Potty Breaks like crazy, Picky eating, Exhausted, Headaches, Trouble sleeping, Vision Changing :(

12 Week Baby Bump!

Their baby's the size of a plum!
The average fetus at 12 weeks is about 2.1 inches long and .49 ounces. Now that he's/she's got pretty much all his/her parts, his/her main job is to keep on growing.

Their baby at 12 weeks
  • Most of his/her critical systems are fully formed!
  • He's/She's about to enter the growth and maturation stage, in which her organs and tissues will grow and develop rapidly.
  • He's/She's now developing his/her reflexes -- if you poke his/her body, he'll/she'll likely move.
  • He's/She's opening and closing his/her fingers and curling his/her toes, too.
  • His/Her brain is developing fast!


  1. Can I steal your post you made to facebook when the time comes? You said exactly what I want to say to the world. I did just send an email to my dads side of the family and there was a bit negativity from one aunt in particular and more so because I probably upset her for gossiping but she was still negative. You are doing something awesome and I can't wait until I'm announcing to friends and family that don't already know what is going on the miracle I get to be apart of! :)

  2. Of course you could! I would be honored. :) I was scared and nervous also, I was worried I would be judged, or my family in California would just not understand? Most/Some people just don't understand period. I still get the blank stares and we are approaching the half way mark? I've learned to understand that no matter what, I don't need "everyones" approval. I know deep down in my heart that what I have chosen to do is a blessing for the Intended Parents as well as for myself. Stay strong!! And know that as many people that I had negative remarks from.. Have now come along and praised me! :)

  3. Good Luck with your Journey! I really hope you choose to blog about it! I promise it's been the best medicine for me during my journey! :)

  4. Just now seeing your comments. I am reaching the 9 week mark tomorrow and am so ready to be done with morning sickness. It has been kicking my trash with this pregnancy. So much different compared to my own pregnancy.